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The Food Secrets of Olympians

Posted by Staff Writer
Nov 27th, 2013

If “you are what you eat”, then what do the greatest athletes in the world eat (and will eating like an Olympian make an Olympian)? Lucky for laymen, nutritionist and founder of Nutritious Life M…
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Diet Plan Video

Garland Pose With your hands at heart center in Prayer Position, stand with your heels on the outer edges of the mat and your toes off the mat. Squat down as low as you can, trying to keep your heels on the floor. Sep…

Gear Bag

D-Ribose Gold Muscle & Energy Support

Oct 12th, 2012

Your heart, muscles, and every other cell in your body require substantial amounts of energy to keep going strong. One of the critical components of energy production is ATP (adenosine triphosphate…
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This is 2000 Calories

Mar 29th, 2013

BuzzFeed produced this informative video info-graphic that shows just how easy it is to hit 2000 calories (US Daily Allowance) from some everyday foods. Note how few items it takes of the fast foods, and guilty foods it takes to reach the total. ...

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Intensity vs. Duration. Which Will Make the Difference?

Oct 11th, 2012

Fitness experts work around the clock to improve the health and well-being of their clients using a variety of methods. But without information from the medical research community, preferred training methods are founded on anecdotal evidence that may reflect the effects of disregarded variables. Pu...

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